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House Rules

For stays in the Banasterie Apartments

Check in – Check out

Check-in time is from 3 p.m. and until 11 p.m.

Check-out time is no later than 11 a.m.

No smoking

The apartment is strictly non-smoking. No cigarettes, cigars or vaping are allowed in the apartment including at the window or in the common areas. In case of non-compliance, the deposit will be taken in full to clean up the accommodation.

Maximum number of people

The maximum number of people declared when booking will not be exceeded in the accommodation. People not included in the reservation are not allowed to access it without the Owner’s express consent. In the event of non-compliance, a supplement in accordance with Art. 14 of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale will be deducted from the security deposit.

No pets

The apartment is strictly non-smoking. No cigarettes, cigars or vaping are allowed in the apartment including at the window or in the common areas.


The cleaning fee only covers general cleaning and washing of linen. Customers are required to respect the premises by leaving the kitchen clean, fridge empty and tidy, utensils clean, dishes clean, sanitary facilities in a correct state and all waste thrown in the bin. If this is not the case, an additional charge of €30 will be requested on the deposit to cover additional cleaning costs.

Prostitution is prohibited

Prostitution is strictly prohibited. Anyone not respecting this will be forced to leave the accommodation immediately without any refund. A complaint will then be filed with the police authorities.

Lost and found

Check before your departure that no object has been forgotten. If an object is found in the accommodation it will be made available to the Customer. After agreement, a shipment could be made at the expense of the Customer.


The keys to the apartment are under the responsibility of the Customer who must put them back at check-out in the coded key box located at the bottom of the building without divulging the code and scrambling it every time the box is used. In the event of loss of the keys, the Customer is required to report this at the earliest. A charge of €100 per lost or unreturned key will be taken from the deposit.

Bikes and scooters prohibited

All vehicles such as scooters, folding bicycles or not, electric or not, etc. are strictly forbidden in the apartment. In case of scratches to the paintings on the walls, repair costs will be charged from €50 depending on the damage.

Do not move furniture – Do not take out equipment

Do not move equipment in the accommodation nor take out any equipment, kitchen utensils, tableware, towels or linen including for washing.

Respect for neighbours – No parties

Customers must respect the calm in the accommodation, especially between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. and not disturb the other occupants of the building. No party or late night with friends is allowed.

Internet usage charter

The internet connection made available to Customers in the accommodation is subject to a user charter by which the user undertakes not to download illegal content or content subject to rights without having paid these rights. Any infringement of this charter that may be raised by the authorities with regard to French law will be reported to the authorities. The Owner disclaims any liability if necessary.

No light candles

For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to use open flames such as matches, candles, Bengal fire, etc. in the premises, open flame lighting devices, candelabra, candles, etc.

Security and doors

The accommodation is under the responsibility of the Customer. The Owner cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage that may occur in the accommodation. Remember to lock the doors and windows during your absence. The entrance door to the building is automatically locked but it is important to ensure that it is closed after opening. It is strictly forbidden to prevent its closure for any reason whatsoever.

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