photographies by SEBASTIÃO SALGADO

Adão Yawanawá with an eagle feather headdress © Sebastião Salgado

Exhibition in the Great Chapel of the Popes’ Palace

from June 27th to November 30th 2022

Affiche de l'exposition "Amazônia" au palais des papes

This immersive and informative exhibition is dedicated to the Amazon Rainforest, its rivers, its mountains, its “flying rivers”, its indigenous peoples fighting for the survival of their land.

Manda Yawanawá du village d'Escondido, Territoire indigène Rio Gregório

Manda Yawanawá from the village of Escondido, Indian territory of Rio Gregório. © Sebastião Salgado

After the “Ecce Homo” exhibition by Ernest Ernest Pignon and the “Tigers and Vultures” exhibition by the Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming, it is the latest project by the internationally renowned Franco-Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado that is being shown in the Great Chapel of the Popes’ Palace.

Cette jeune femme du peuple Yawanawá est magnifiquement parée de plumes d'oiseaux.

This young woman from the Yawanawá community is beautifully adorned with bird feathers. © Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado travelled through the Brazilian Amazon for seven years from 2013 to 2019, photographing its richness and the daily life of the indigenous communities who live in total harmony with nature. The artist considered it a real privilege to live among the indigenous people: “It’s a paradise, we don’t have the constraints of our societies. We live for the essentials.

More than 200 black and white photos and documentary films are presented to the public.

The testimonies are sometimes overwhelming.

Formation de nuages au-dessus d'un Igapó

Cloud formation over an Igapó (type of forest frequently flooded by a river). © Sebastião Salgado

The soundtrack accompanying the exhibition was composed especially for this event by Jean Michel Jarre. It was conceived from real sounds, captured in the Amazonian forest, the sounds of animals, of the rain…

For the artist: “These images are a testimony of what still exists before more disappears. In order for life and nature to overcome extermination and destruction, it is a duty for all human beings on the planet to participate in its protection. We must all protect the Amazon because our balance depends on it.

The exhibition is free to visit as part of the tour of the Popes’ Palace. Guided tours are also available throughout the exhibition until 30 November 2022.

Affiche de l'exposition Amazônia au palais des papes
pictogramme info pratique



from JUNE 27th to NOVEMBER 30th 2022

Daily :from 10 am to 7 pm (7/1 to 8/31)
from 10 am to 6 pm (9/1 to 11/6)
from 10 am to 5 pm (11/7 to 11/3)

The exhibition is free to visit as part of the entrance ticket to the Popes’ Palace. Guided tours are also available throughout the duration of the exhibition.

More info and booking:
Papal Palace
Avignon Tourist Office

AmazonIA between Land and Water

In this series of podcasts (in French) on the occasion of the presentation of the exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris (20 May to 30 October 2021), Sebastião Salgado takes us to the heart of the Brazilian forest and lets us hear, from the inside, the voices of the Amazon. The photographer shares his memories, anecdotes and experiences, the fruit of seven years of travel and meetings with Indian communities.

Sebastião Salgado as seen by Wim Wenders

In the documentary Salt of the Earth (2014), director Wim Wenders explores the career of the photographer committed to protecting the Amazon.

Available on VOD on Arte Boutique

Interview with Jean-Michel Jarre

Interview by Jean-Yves Leloup (in French).

The composer has conceived an original creation based on the actual sounds of the forest which interact with Sebastião Salgado’s photographs.

France as seen by… Sebastião Salgado

After arriving in France in 1969 with his wife, photographer Sebastião Salgado talks about his attachment to this country where he discovered and learned photography, his inspirations, his projects and his country of origin, Brazil.

Homme volant devant le palais des papes



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